Our Services


We offer fast and certified translation services to suit our clients' needs not only at the level of business, but also at the level of any kind of human activity. We strive to present your message in such a way that it can maintain its original meaning and leave the same impact on the recipient.
Our services cover all aspects of language and communication, websites and marketing to legal and technical documentation. They aim at offering along with the highest levels of quality and excellence speed and respect of deadlines. A worldwide network of qualified translators is available to cover the major world languages.
Our range of services includes, among others, the following:
• Legal translation of contracts, documents, certificates, articles of association etc.
• Technical translation and localization of manuals, user guides, equipment specifications, software, etc.
• Literary translation of books and novels
• Financial translation of financial statements and plans
• Translation of investment plans and investment memoranda and bulletins
• Media and advertising translation including articles, press releases and propaganda
• Editing and proofreading of writings, reports, case studies, theses, etc., regardless the used language
We are keen to endow the local character to any translated text, so you can reach your clients wherever they are in the world and talk to them in their own language. On the other hand we are able to create a comprehensive picture that supports the written text and serves it effectively, whether in brochures, reports, or articles related to brands or other forms of design.